by Neha Singhal


This book is a reflection of vibrant thoughts and feelings which generally emerge in our heart and soul in our day to day life. We come across many situations where we cannot express ourselves through words. Although our reactions are mostly based on our personal experiences, sometimes we may get affected by the things going around us. We, humans, are superior among all the species as we are blessed with a boon of language. This language is not only limited to the vocal cords, our heart also speaks.

In this book, the author has spoken her heart through her pen and hence it is named as “Zuban-e-Kalam” (the language of the pen). This book is a beautiful collection of various emotions that one feels after achieving every single milestone of life. It is meant for all genres of people and reflects all moods and sides of life. Every small thing that we come across in our lives and in our surroundings has some rhythm. We just dance to their music and keep on adding moments in our lives. The author has tried to capture those moments in this book in her own way. It will motivate you to move ahead and admire every single situation that has been given to you. This book could be your best partner in your leisure time. 


‘Short and sweet’
These are the words that describe
this book, it is a collection of poems based on daily life and everything around us.

I really loved reading them and definitely enjoyed it. Neha has done an amazing job in putting together these poems which are a blend of every emotion.
You’ll smile, laugh, and would also be teary-eyed but won’t think about putting it down without finishing it.

An applaud to the author for this.
Do pick this one guy and give it try for some freshness in these hectic times.

Happy reading!


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