QOTD: Did you ever thought of becoming a secret agent if you get a chance🙈?

The story is based on two agents and finding the truth behind the murder. The two agents are Neera Singh Rajawat who is a computer engineer and IIM PGPM topper from Ahmedabad and Dr. Prakash Rao a brilliant scholar who secured his Ph.D. at the young age of 26. 

💫Neera was in dilemma to choose the best company which offered her to join but instead, she got a call from a person who was recruiting an agent for his firm. Neera declined at that moment but after a discussion with the man, she agreed to join and then it is explained how the real agents are recruited. What kind of training and gadgets they are given to fight and excel in their tasks. The first part of the story explains much about Neera joining the agency.

The Invisible Protectors

💫Next Dr. Prakash who was interested in crime and espionage from his college days join the team and both of them tries to solve the case of death of three Indian spies. Though they died in accidents, the Agency believes they were murdered. They were given the name Invisible protectors and were working as secret agents.

💫The story is all about crime, preservance, valiance, and quick wit. A good crime thriller novel to read. The story will not disappoint you and will keep you till the end. The author has created an essence in the book that you will feel what it takes to work as a secret agent as every single detail is mentioned in the book.

Happy Reading!

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