A series of bizarre events happen around the world where God-men belonging to various religions witness a glowing hexagram, a triangle inversely overlapped on another, a symbol of male female union. Shockingly, the Prakrti (female) dominates the Purush (male) in all the Hexagrams depicting a dangerous imbalance in the cosmic harmony of nature. The devil always capitalizes on your sexual transgressions and deeply concealed abominable cravings. Even Professor Surya Prakash, the Chosen one, is not exempted.

The devil, disguised as the dark, burly and intimidating Devanayagam Ilayaman tries to get the Professor involved in an affair with the college chairman’s wife, Shwetha and when the attempts fail, it indicts him in the brutal rape and murder of a colleague, Lecturer Anju Mol who’s trapped in an estranged marriage. Shwetha helps Surya Prakash to come out clean from the alleged rape and murder.

6950cookie-checkThe chosen one by Arvind Narsima

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