By Siddhartha Thorat

Terrorism is at a peak in countries like ours’ India’ even when we try to control it at every level. Terrorists always infiltrate in the country to induce harm. Terrorism is a child of hatred which is based on everything religion, caste, nationality, and whatnot, we try ard to stop it but nothing falls in place ever.

Operation hellfire is based on the same concept, it all starts with the success of OPERATION FOX NUT, capturing of Pakistani terrorists. There on starts action-packed thrill between the Pakistani army and Indian security forces.
The main question now is Will the Indian security agencies be able to detect and neutralize the attack?

Operation Hellfire

Grab a copy of this one to find out what happens next.

Even after being a short read, it can make a great impact on you. It was a nice change for me as I read something different after quite a time. It was an overall good one but could have been a bit more and personally, I hated the cover of the book, a strong title and plot require a strong cover.

ACTION, THRILL, SUSPENSE all jammed in one, You will love if action is something you crave for.

Happy Reading.

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