Hanging in a difficult situation is always challenging, you try your best but still, it’s not enough.

In the first part we read about young love and their mishaps, it started with Nishaan and Shikha and their love-story starting from coming together and then like every other dramatic story getting separated again.

In this part of #Mylifeline novel series, we get to know about the happy couple Nissan and Shikha, how he does everything in his power to keep her happy and smiling. How he stands strong and even motivated in the middle of all the ups and downs. The hardships of job, family emotional drama, relationship trouble, trust issues, and what not is shown in this one, everything that is normal to us, we shuffle through in our daily life is put together tremendously. 

My Lifeline

It is a light read, not an applauding literary fiction. I liked it to a limit, for me it is a one time read, can be treated as young adult light fiction.
The author has done justice in some parts where he did put the emotional rampage that we go through in an amazing way. The narration is simple and compelling.

A good light read for fun.
Happy Reading!  

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