A small four-letter word yet with deeper meaning than the oceans and higher with the difficulties than the mountains. If life becomes easier and predictable it would cease to be something we called as life. 

The ups and downs, happiness, and sadness make it a life. We always wonder what can we do to make it right, well there isn’t anything rather than keep on living it.

When we can’t change it, all we can do is live it with all our strength and play our part with vigorous, live it to the fullest. Life is what you make it! So let’s make it something worth living. Being a child our parents scold us for not getting good marks, as an adult we tend to torture us for not getting a good career, We have to understand that life is not all about marks and race, it’s all about finding peace within and finding ourselves.

 We often run so fast to catch up with others that we forget to live life, we often forget to love ourselves. We tend to compare with others in everything, this is not what we call as living life.
Stop for a second and think you are doing all this for what?

Being happy is living life, and happiness is often found in something our heart desires not what others tell us to achieve or something we can achieve by looking at us. All we do is give ourselves pain and torture our minds.

So for starters, we can try to find what we love and after that, we can learn and explore new things.

Life just happens, make it worth living by being happy and making others happy not by hurting others and hurting yourselves.