By Ashish Sinha

Published By- Srishti Publications

Genre- Romance



When Ashu finds out that his so-called loved ones pampered him only till his father was living, he is heartbroken. After his father’s sudden demise, Ashu is left alone, fighting the world for every small bit of happiness. But he rediscovers love and affection in Disha, who he meets at a job interview.

Disha is an epitome of love and he finds his true happiness with her. Soon after their marriage, just as they are beginning to relish the little joys of life, Ashu is diagnosed with a fatal disease. The only way out is a transplant, which in itself is a life-threatening surgery.

Will Disha’s overwhelming love, acceptance and sacrifice make the impossible possible?

Holding On To Love is an astonishing true story of Ashu’s will to defeat destiny, backed by Disha’s faith in the power of their love.


💙Love conquers all. But to find someone who can stay with you for all eternity is often difficult. These are times when we find ourselves in situations where fake love is prominent than the real one, we love someone with all our heart and they dabble it into pieces.

Holding on to love
Holding on To Love

💙This is the story of Ashu and Disha, who found each other when Ashu believed that it’s only fake love with which he has been surrounded by for so long. He was walking over a thin edge when he met Disha who was the epitome of true love. She loved him with every fibre of her being, it was not long enough that they got married and it was a blissful journey till an unsolicited guest arrived at their door.

💙One of the vows of the marriage is through thick and till, till death do us apart. Some people often tend to back out when put in this kind of situations but Ashu and Disha stood together during these tough times too.
It is beyond words story, something we all look for ourselves in the world we live where we struggle to keep it real always.
The cover could have been a little better but it doesn’t bring down the book in any way.
I literally run away from love stories but this is a compelling one, you’ll enjoy this for sure.
There is a distinctness in the story. Don’t judge a book by its cover.
Real is must and real is eternity.

Overall a good love story!

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