God: The Best Friend and Guide By Jaydip das

Published By: Evincepub Publishing

Genre: Self-help


“The author of the book, after his graduation wanted to be a Monk. But life had a different plan for him. He returned to family life and started looking for a job to earn his own living. He realized earning a living was not that easy, the struggle was really tough. Life taught the lesson with it’s a tougher phase.

The struggle continued for a couple of years. But as the story in our Mythology depicts the churning out of nectar during Samudra Manthan between Devas and Asura, the life struggle brought out the nectar in life because of early spiritual inclinations in the author’s life.

In this book-

The author shares his very personal life story full of life lessons and transformational anecdotes. He feels if spiritual learning can transform his life in a positive direction, the same can help others to transform their lives as well.

He was in two minds whether to share a private personal story with others. A saying from Upanishads ‘आत्मनो मोक्षार्थम् जगत् हिताय च’ always prompted him to share his experience with the intention that it might help others in their life journey.


💥The story is about the author only who decides to become a monk and had pre stint in a monk’s life as well.

💥Life has taught many lessons to us and make us tough because of our struggles. We should believe in ourselves, there are good or bad things in life. The nectar of life will come out one day when we will learn to see spiritual connections in everything.

He also shared the experience of early inclinations towards spirituality that made his life struggle easy.

💥We all need a break from the fast-paced life in today’s modern world. Ganga the author’s colleague was frustrated and sought help from him. He shared the learnings and calmness techniques with her. The author tries to explain and relate everything with God. That he is the one and only guide in the universe for you. He knew shlokas from Upanishads and many more sacred books.

💥This book is for everyone who wants peace and positivity in life.

By book from Amazon link- https://www.amazon.in/God-Friend-Guide-Jaydip-Das/dp/8194719704

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