Author: Mansi Narula Kashyap

Published By: Let us write publishing

Genre: Crime, thriller fiction


The driver’s voice became muffled after I saw the lady from my window. She looked exactly like me; a mirror image. I shook my head. “Jesus!”

After her parents died in a tragic car crash, Erika moves to London from Dublin to get rid of the bad memories, her frantic nightmares, and
disturbing hallucinations. In time, her life settles into a new routine with Lara, with whom she shares an apartment. They become the best of friends, enjoying London and meeting new people. Life is good.

A few months later, Erika meets Ethan who is suave, professional and
dependable. A whirlwind romance follows and within a week they are
married. Soon, Erika starts noticing some unusual incidents; the
mysterious girl Maya, some cryptic books about secret societies and even
a murder.

Will she be able to figure out these new mystical events in her life or will they overwhelm her, making her go insane?


💥Bad incidents always haunt you some way or the other, sometimes you need a change in everything to move forward. These type of changes are necessary when one feels stuck because this is the only way he/she can live a life in the present and work for the future.

💥After the tragic accident of her parents and trying to get over the bad memories, nightmares,and hallucinations Erica moves to London from Dublin where she meets Lara.
Lara being her roommate pretty soon becomes her best friend.

My insights-

The story is narrated in simple language for anyone to get a hold of it. The plot is reasonably fascinating but somewhat vague.

💥Every story has something that makes it a big hit, the plot of this one has that spark but with a missing end it becomes weak altogether.

💥I enjoyed reading it but it would have felt more impressive if it had a great closure too, I hope the author is working on a next one of this because only another book can fulfil this story.
I am recommending this only with a thought of a sequel or something more to the story otherwise you will feel unsatisfactory after reading this one, wanting for more.

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