By Thalobh Balram


What happens when you crack your comfort shell and dare to design the life you deserve?

Simple marwari boy Arjun floats in love with an all-angle-perfect-girl, Aananya. He goes through his struggling transformation to maintain a standard that would grant him a life with her forever.

But at the peak of their love, when he acquires equality with her in every aspect of life, she breaks up with him for no reason.

What would happen next? Would he finish his life or continue his journey and create his own world? Why did Aananya leave Arjun? What happened to her? Will they meet again?

About the Author : THALORH BALRAM hails from a village in Rajasthan and currently lives in Chennai. He has masters in Chemistry. It’s his first book. He received the ideas of writing from his college days in Bikaner. Apart from writing he likes to play Chess. 


Story about two persons Arjun and Ananya a lovestruck couple. It is truth saying that love knows no boundaries and there is somebody for whom we can break our rules. 

Arjun and Ananya was having society differences. But Arjun was making sure to provide Ananya the best life after marriage. He was working hard for her but to his surprise Ananya broke Arjun’s heart and left him for unknown reasons.

He was devastated and want to end his life because he did not know the reason behind Ananya’s refusal. 

Diversion Of Death

But the way he handles himself after all this was tremendous. We cant just stop our life because of one person but should learn to embrace it.
Story is total cliched but you will receive a beautiful message from the story

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