The year 1816 experienced sudden downfall of temperatures. Kolkata had frozen to its lowest of -15 degree Celsius. Widespread diseases were common. Sharat was no exception as he was forced to quit his Zamindar lifestyle after his parents died. On the other hand in 2018, there was Niharika, living in the best of times – in a fairly modern society. She loved her life – her group of friends, her family and everything around her. Little did they know that something awaited them far away in a deserted civilization 6 billion years into the future; in the planet Nocturne which was ravaged by compounds of a rare element called Barrenium. A Year Without Summer is a tale on how lives can intertwine with no restrictions in space time and dimensions.


🌀Being chosen to rebuild the realms. Sounds interesting, well it sure is. A year without summer will let you go in and out of how two unknowns are chosen to build something that is on the brink of extinction.
🌀To start with this one it is based on two people from different timelines and with a twist of another dimension.
🌀The book is divided into 5 parts :

1) Intertwined Subconscious

2) The Weak Link

3) A Battle in Sands Of Time

4) The Reconstitution

5) The Last Burst Of Fire  and each part is interesting in its way.

🌀I won’t talk about much about what’s in the book as the blurb already gives away much of it rather I would just say what impact it had on me.
🌀Sci-fi’s are always entertaining and how the author has written it is just amazing.
The author has done his research quite thoroughly and is being reflected in the book.

Something so horrific of past bought together with the present technology, really engages the reader.
🌀Characters are very well defined and the narration is pretty much detailed and how story swaps in different timelines are not at all confusing and even its all smooth and easy to connect dots.
🌀The language used is lucid and the unique plot keeps the reader hooked throughout.

The cover of the book is simple yet apt with the content just like the title.

Overall an interesting sci-fi read.

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